I made a mistake redirecting to a sub-domain: where are the files?


I installed WordPress (simple install) onto a sub-domain of my site:

I made a redirect of bevtrayner.com to blog.bevtrayner.com

Now I can’t get to my folders on FTP. Everything I’ve ever linked to on my server is now not showing.

Please can someone help me with:

  1. a more intelligent way to get bevtrayner.com (hosted at GoDaddy) to direct to blog.bevtrayner.com

  2. what I can quickly do to restore the correct link to pictures and links that I’ve been pointing to on my server all these years?

  3. where I can find blog.bevtrayner.com in my file system?

Thank you!


How did you solve your problem? By yourself or did you get DH help backing?