I made a mistake - pls halp

So, I signed up for thedailypeach.com the other day (yesterday, actually!). I hope this makes me actually the best, but I made a kind of big mistake when signing up.

I accidentally signed up with the incorrect email address.

I am 99% sure that I signed up with the email tdpeach@gmail.com, when I should have signed up with tdailypeach@gmail.com. Is there a way to correct this issue or should I just cry for 10 years? I’ve sent a couple of emails to customer support (starting this AM, still no response… probably because the email I’m sending them from is not the email the domain is registered with).

Is there any way to get in touch with customer service to resolve this email mix up? Or am I just screwed until I can get a hold of them via email?



No worries, there is a way you can change this and I’ll be glad to show you how. I believe you are the same person i am talking to on facebook right now so i’ll be glad to continue assisting you there =)

Cedric H