I love how DH deletes threads

Someone complains about downtime and DH just delete the thread, super customer service.


If you are having issues with downtime you can send our support team a ticket here https://panel.dreamhost.com/index.cgi?tree=support.msg& or hit us up on twitter for help @DreamHostCare

If you care to share any suggestions with us you can also do so here https://discussion.dreamhost.com/forum-21.html which we review and reply back to.

Matt C

Well, I already posted server details in the thread that was deleted, I’m guessing you did not even bother to look at the server.

Won’t bother with tickets, by all accounts support response is not great, so that’s probably a waste of time.

All other sites on the server are down (checked via reverse ip) so not a local site issue, I will post the server details again and let’s hope someone from support actually has enough intelligence to check it out.

IP Information for
IP Location: United States United States Fairfield New Dream Network Llc
ASN: United States AS26347 DREAMHOST-AS - New Dream Network, LLC (registered Aug 28, 2002)
Resolve Host: ps6845.dreamhost.com

Almost 48 hours down now, possibly a record even for nightmare host.

That address corresponds to a DreamHost VPS owned by a specific customer, not a shared server. We are already in communication with the account holder regarding this issue. As the account does not appear to belong to you, we cannot provide you with further information.