I love dreamhost

Okay, I know its going through problems right now, but they are trying hard to get everything fixed. But the important things are GREAT. I have three web pages I have to keep updated, and the control panel is excellent. I was able to add a new domain to my exsiting “sweet dream” account soooo easily and quickly that I was shocked. I will be a life long member as long as they continue to strive toward making the web masters life easy. The low prices are greatly appreciated also.

roger that. i have been with them for 3 yrs and have had great service. i have worked with other hosts like ipowerweb.com and there’s just no comparison.

their support knows what they are doing and have always helped me very quickly - even when it was novice-my-mistake kinda stuff. i appreciate that and will continue to use them for my stuff and move webdev clients there.

I love dreamhost more! Ha!

I have been with this company for over three years and haven’t found a fault with them yet. NONE!

Yes they have had down times and system problems but they always do well above average to fix any occurences and when it comes to customer support it is unmatched. Every company will have these problems and while some may provide as quick of action to a network/server/software problems as DreamHost does most do not even match thier skill. Also, working with their support team is like working with a trusted friend.

Basically they know their sh*t and it’s almost worth the monthly/yearly fee to get the DH Newsletter! LOL

Keep On Rocking Beeeeeeeeeeeeotch!