I lost about 10 to 30 GBs of files

did anyone lose any files at DH before? did anyone lose any during the recent file server mishaps (even though DH says that no data was lost)?

you see, with the huge file space DH provides, ive decided to use my site (in bottlecap) as a secondary storage area - ive got about tens of GBs already uploaded.

and then, all of a sudden ALL my files in one directory was no more…

any thoughts??

ive sent a Support Request to DH… however, it would be some time before i can get any reply - when i posted a ticket there were about 600+ open tickets, and now about 750+… whew!!!

on another hand, does anyone know DH’s backup policy? how many times do they take a backup (daily, weekly, etc.)? and if so, how long do they keep each backup?




thanks for the info - that really helped alot in case i would need to do some manual restores for myself

unfortunately, this i really dont understand the files are not there… not even as far as nightly.1 (i dont have access to weekly.0, and there is no weekly.1) - which could mean that those files are lost since two days back.

going further in my thinking, this coincided with the recent file server outage (and really could have been deleted - but why only this folder?)…

meaning my files are lost?

It’s not the first time missing files or directories have been reported.



Maybe it’s time for me to make another off-server backup…


Mmm, yeah, I lost my whole images folder once.

Though, I don’t know if that was dreamhosts fault, or if I had accidentally deleted it myself. I don’t think I had deleted it, but whatever. I just re-upped everything.

Though, that was a couple months ago~

Does anyone have any thoughts on the best/easiest way to make off-server backups?

I use rsync over SSH to sync my domains with the backups on my Mac:

/usr/bin/ssh me@mydomain.com ‘/usr/bin/mysqldump --all-databases -hdb.mydomain.com -ume -p > db.sql’ # Database dump
rsync -avze ssh --delete ‘me@mydomain.com:.’ ‘/Users/me/Sites/mydomain’ # Rsync my Mac to DreamHost
/usr/bin/ssh me@mydomain.com /bin/rm *.sql # Delete database dump(s)


Here’s some stuff in the wiki:



it has been more than a day since ive contacted DH Support…, and without an offsite backup (i never thought such would happen), i guess i have to give-up on ever recovering my files!!!

well - i could see it now, DH replying “we’re terribly sorry… blah blah blah…”

c’mon DH - where is the sense of professionalism in there? saying “sorry” all the time just not cut it anymore… TOO many issues in a short period of time…!!!

Glad I read this thread the other day or I would have lost a file today, but a backup of it was in /.snapshot/ for some reason one of my files was 0 bytes today.

That sounds like what usually happen when a script is editing a file and does close it correctly. Anyway, I’m happy that you could restore it from the snapshots. :wink: