I lost a Wordpress Install

I installed Wordpress for a new domain name (gamesandwebcomic.com). The installation seems to have gone correctly, however, the Wordpress files are not anywhere on any of my directories. The directory I created in my file structure is empty, but the blog is working. Where would the Wordpress install have gone?


Sounds like you chose to install WordPress via the Easy Install method.

If so, the files are on a server maintained by DH, to which you have no file access.

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From looking at the site, it appears that you installed to /wordpress instead of leaving the directory field blank. It’s there, but it’s not your main site. I suggest you delete and try again.


I did not choose Easy Install and when i navigate through my domain management page I have found the files. They do not appear to be co-located with all of my other site files though. So i think I might try the “delete and try again” method.