I like what I see but I have a few Questions

I am looking for a new host and like the features here. I have a few questions before I signup.

1.) How soon are the log files updated( example: If I download a file, How long will it take to show up in the log file?)(my current host the download may not show up for 2 to 3 hours.)

2.) Can I use a cron job to kick off a php script to copy the raw log file to my directory. ? (example: on my current host I had a cron set up to copy the raw log to a directory every 5 minutes.)

3.)My last question is. I would also like to transfer my domain. When I started the sign up I saw it ask for an auth code to do the transfer and I needed to get it from the registrar but the registrar is my current web host. I don’t want to let them know I am moving until I am set up on my new host. How can I do this.

Thanks for any help.

The raw log files (which you do have access to) are updated immediately. However, the default Analog stats package is set to update once every 24 hours, but since you sound like you will be utilising the raw logs, this will not affect you.

Yes, this should not be a problem.

One option would be to purchase the hosting now, but leave the domain transfer until you have things setup as you like.

You can add the required domain to the DreamHost system via the panel, upload the content then configure the DNS settings for the domain (using your old hosts configuration panel) to point to the DreamHost DNS servers (ns1.dreamhost.com, ns2… ns3…).

Once you are satisfied that everything is working well, you can transfer the actual domain registration.


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[quote]I saw it ask for an auth code


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You are welcome to a refund.-Michael;Comparing ‘DH of today’ with ‘DH of old’ does not serve much purpose.-Dallas

BTW, what’s better than Analog stats ?
I found it pretty bad for stats.
Something that use raw stats files of course, not external service.

Webalizer is better but still too simple (and no update since 6 years).

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Thanks for the reply

I believe AWStats is quite popular.

I use TraceWatch on some of my sites, as I prefer the real-time feedback it provides. However, it does require a line of PHP to be added to any pages that are to be included in the stats.


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If you download a file, you’ll see it immediately. No wait times here. It won’t show up in your web statistics, however, until the next day, but that’s entirely different.

You can, yes. But since the log files sit in your home directory already, I don’t see the point unless you want to be able to analyse them yourself?

Fortunately, you don’t need to host the domain name at the same place it’s registered. If your host will allow you, you can change the nameserver information for the domain name in question, to point to the following:

Then, after the requisit 12-24 hours whilst the new DNS information propogates, your domain name will point people to DH’s servers. You can transfer the domain registration itself to DH later, or leave it with your current host–it makes no difference at the end of the day.

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Note, the wiki has a GREAT writeup on how to set up your site on dreamhost while your domain points to your old location and THEN change the DNS to point to the new site. Look it up, it’s pretty slick.