I know nothing about IMAP and STMP


Hi all, I set up a domain, and then 15 different e-mails with their corresponding password, and my client comes up with this question (below). She is trying to do Outlook for their e-mails. I have provided them with the webmail log-in (hooray!), but don’t know what “the incoming IMAP” is or the “outgoing smtp settings should be”. Where on EARTH woudl I find this info?

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Please let me know what the incoming IMAP is (this is supported by Google) and the outgoing smtp settings should be for them and I will setup and test my email box and than configure the mailboxes for Kathy and Shanna. I also believe that we should also have web access for the email boxes, so please send me the URL


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They are usually just mail.example.com for IMAP SMTP and POP3.

The DreamHost Wiki has some useful information for you. In particular for email this page may help you further.


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