I know cpanel, but I'm a bit lost in DH's

Does DH’s panel provide a way to see which files have been uploaded to your server? I’m in the process of switching from hosting that utilized the cpanel and I used to check to make sure files were in the right place using the File Manager inside of cpanel. Is there something comparable here that I am just missing?


The easiest way is to use an FTP client. Firefox has an extension called “FireFTP” that does the job very nicely.

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You can also “approximate” the functionality of the cPanel filemanager by using Dreamhost’s net2ftp application.

Just browse to http://webftp.dreamhost.com, enter your domain name for the ftp server, your username, and your password, and you will be good to go.


From your DH panel, go to “Users” --> “Manage Users”. You can then log into net2ftp

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If you are using FireFox or Internet Explorer you can quickly check your files by logging into your FTP account with the browser, using ftp://ftp.yourdomain.com

I don’t think Firefox has FTP write support, but it is handy for just checking things.


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I want to second net2ftp - It really does work slick.

From “Manage Domains” you’ll see a link next to your domain that says “WebFTP”. Select it and you’ll be dropped into the right directory and ready to go. You can edit files through it.