I keep seeing "index of" instead of my website

no matter what I add all I see is the Index of/ instead of my website. Also when I add things to the site it shows them as files, anybody know how to stop this? Here is my website bright-lantern

It lacks a home page document, labeled either index.html or index.php for PHP formatted stuff.

okay, I think I added the index, but I’m still doing something wrong, or better yet how do you add the right index, seeing as how I keep doing this wrong.

You created a directory called index.html NOT an index.html file. One is a folder the other is a text file with .html extension. I see you have a file called picture practice.html try renaming that to index.html and putting it in the bright-lantern.com folder which is where your files should go (unless you actually intend to have stuff in sub-directories)

oh okay, got it thank you very much, I really appreciated the help.