I just signed up

Just signed up for the “Strictly business plan” , hope I made the right choice, I heard alot of things about dreamhost, some good some bad,one of the bad things was that mysql driven sites run very slow. hope this really is not true.
my site needs alot of bandwidth and dreamhost starts out at 5tb, for 79$ that is definitely worth it, as long as it actually works.

welcome to DH! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Welcome! And remember, if you don’t like it, you always have 97 days to cancel!

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Welcome to DreamHost. :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t say they run ‘slow’. Having the database on a different physical system does add some latency to access, but in my experience this is only noticeable with scripts that are in-efficient anyway and could do with some optimization.

Keep in mind that you are using a shared hosting system, there are other things to consider other than bandwidth. if your site consumes a lot of resources (eg: memory, CPU), enough to impact the performance of other sites on your shared host, you may be asked to reduce this usage.

Anyway, good luck and I hope you enjoy your time here.


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Welcome - Take everything you’ve heard and the reality is in the middle. The trick to remember is that you’re looking at shared hosting so it’s not just what you do but what everyone else on your server does that affects performance.

Good Luck!


yes I understand its shared, my site is not processor intensive, just needs massive bw, the 5tb should just cut it.

bad news is dreamhost is not off to a good start, first , they charged my cc card 79.95$ twice. Second I still have not received an email with acct info, ftp,ect…

thanks for everyones response.

Nobody knows how DH works but it really takes some time to approve your account. All we know is that it seems DH has been very careful about credit card fraud.

I think you must have already reported to them. Dont forget you can use DH panel --> Support --> Contact Support. I asked them to do a refund for me before. The refund process is quite straight forward.

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Then I think your site will be fine here at DreamHost.

That is certainly not normal. In my time with DreamHost I have only experienced one billing error, when registering a domain using PayPal for payment, and that was in my favour, my account was actually credited with 3x amount extracted from my PayPal account. :slight_smile: Of-course, I notified DreamHost and they fixed it up.

Is it possible you submitted two applications? There have been a few reports here on the forums of ‘glitches’ during the sign-up process, where people are unsure of whether the application went through or not. Although, I am guessing if this happened you would have experienced the dreaded ‘credit-card already in system’ error.

The approval time for new accounts does vary quite a bit, some are approved within minutes, others take a few days. I am not sure what causes the difference.


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as I was signing up I got a msg that said " you have been randomly selected with our anti fraud system, please use google checkout, be assured you will not be billed twice"

pretty funny, I used google checkout and that is exactly what happened, billed twice.

Perhaps the first payment was refunded, but the refund has not yet appeared on your credit-card balance.

As Nathan suggested above, you should lodge a support request via the panel about the situation. Note, you can log-in to the panel before your account has been approved using the email address and password you specified during the sign-up process.


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