I heart DreamHost!

Recently, I’ve noticed a lot of negative posts in the forums about DreamHost’s service quality. I’d like to say, that I have never had any trouble whatsoever and that I’m very pleased with their service.

I’ve been hosted with at least six different companies in the past, and DreamHost is by far the best. Their servers are blazing fast, they offer tons of disk space and bandwidth, and they don’t try to cheat you like other companies.

Their support team is really good too. I’ve contacted support several times, and I usually got a reply to my question in under 2 hours. I always got a reply in under 12 hours. The support is very helpful, too.

So far, my only complaint with DreamHost has been that the control panel is a little confusing. It’s extremely powerful, but it is not as easy to use as cPanel. Otherwise, I heart DreamHost. They are by far the best web hosting company I have ever used. I will definately be a loyal customer for a long while.

You know… we always complain/talk when something don’t work, not often when everything is ok.

And more customers you have, more complaint you have.
But you don’t know if there is a problem for 1 customer on 1000 or half of them.

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It’s good to see a positive thread :slight_smile:

My advice is to persist with the panel, at first it can seem rather foreign, but you will quickly learn its ways and before too long it will be second nature.


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after years of cpanel i grew to hate it. the ugly and inconsitant UI, the bugs; dreamhost has, by far, the BEST account management software i’ve ever used. its much faster too.

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If it wasn’t for the “Relay access denied” with my emails, I would stay with DH forever!

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hey spatznick, can you submit a support request explaining exactly when you get the error and what email addresses it happens for. Is the error currently happening? Is it just at first when setting up a new address? You can mention in your request that I asked you to submit it. Thanks!