I have VPS hosting. How do I add mySQL databases?


So, I have the VPS hosting option, and pay 15$/mo (which is the minimum). I’ve already bound two domains to this hosting account, and the web-sites are active.

Now, I would like to configure a mySQL database. However, when I click on “MySQL databases” from the Toolbox (top left in the Dreamhost panel), it says that I cannot add a database because I have no active hosting plans.

This appears to be true, however, I’m not sure what that means, since my VPS hosting option is active (and I pay it monthly, as I said). This VPS hosting doesn’t constitute a “hosting plan”? Or what?

I clicked on “Add a plan” from the panel, and I was offered a “Happy Hosting plan”. Do I need this? (It’s like 10$/mo) I mean, I have the VPS hosting option. Shouldn’t I be able to add databases to it?


VPS doesn’t come with mySQL databases. You have two choices, add a second VPS as a mySQL server or add shared hosting which is what you are seeing as “my happy hosting”.

I’m not sure when you already have a VPS if there is a set up fee, but normally that plan by the month is 9.95 + a 49.00 set up fee, but if you pay yearly it drops to 8.95 per month and the setup fee is waived.


OK, I chose the VPS mySQL server option (it has a one week free trial, so I figured, I’d tried it out…)