I have somehow erased everything

I have two websites–santamaddalena.org and new.santamaddalena.org–and I was trying to redirect the first to the second. That worked. But now neither seems to have any content! The second only lists two mysterious files–before, it was full of content, photos, etc! I did a backup through dreamhost before I did anything, and tried to restore new.santamaddalena.org, but nothing seems to have happened.

What did I do? how do I get it back? Serves me right for dabbling in things I don’t know about. It’s possible I set them up as “fully hosted” and that may have restarted some process. Foolish me.


UPDATE: I did make a “backup account” before, and I am downloading the user and database files. But I can’t find anywhere how to restore from this backup. I’ve written DH. Any clues? Thanks!