I have problem to upload wordpress to dreamhost.com

I have problem to upload wordpress to dreamhost.com… this is my content (in the picture) and dont know where to upload wordpress, I dont want one click option, I want to upload to public_html as necessary and I dont have it.?

So my question is Where to upload wordpress or how to create that public_html?

When you use the DreamHost panel to Manage Domains, then Add Hosting, it will create a folder in your FTP directory that has the same name of your domain, such as example.com.

That is where your WordPress files go. And don’t forget to use the DreamHost panel Goodies section to create a MySQL database.

I have upload and extract Wordpress to folder named as my domain name and create MySQL database and now waiting for Wordpress setting, how long does it take for that MySQL database start to operate (or its instant)? Thank you sdayman
ps. example.com/wp-admin is not accessible yet.

The database sets up very quickly. For a new WordPress installation, you’ll need to go to example.com (not /wp-admin) to get it set up.

Thank you!