I have lost a load of files from my server! eek!


hi everyone
i have emailed the dreamhost support (the support page wouldnt work for me for sum reason) but i was wondering if you guys can help me get sum of the files back or cud shed any light on why they may have vanished
when i look at my list of files a load of them are still listed but show file sizes of 0 bytes
it constitutes a lot of data so i hope i can recover it
any ideas?


Have you tried seeing if you can recover your files from the “.snapshot” directories?



I have an amusing story about “.snapshot” to share:

Several years ago, I had a website here that I setup and admin’ed for an artist and his gallery/school. He was a tough customer, ultimately the kind of customer best referred to my #1 competitor. He told me one day that he was going to have an amazing website person setup a vanity website for him, an “ain’t I great!!!” website.

Well, in talking to her, several things became immediately apparent: she was a Frontpage website builder and she didn’t know merde from shinola. When I asked her if she needed to have the Frontpage extensions turned on, she immediately said that they were vital, crucial, that the whole of humanity and its future balanced on getting them turned on for her, in her subdirectory.

She then proceeded to FTP her files into the subdirectory, burning the extensions and somehow nuking everything on the domain. Cleaned it out.

I restored everything with an FTP session through the KDE file manager “Krusader”. Took me no time at all. Turned on the extensions again, told her to upload her files through Frontpage and not FTP them and sat back.

She nuked everything with an FTP session, again. I restored again. She disappeared and has not been heard from again. Oh, she was telling the client I didn’t know what I was doing.

.snapshot works great. :wink:


Ha ha ha! That was a great story! I especially liked the “the kind of customer best referred to my #1 competitor”! Sweetness! :wink:

.snapshot has saved my butt on more than one occasion when I have brainfarted while working from the command line in the shell.



Offtopic, but you have lost me here.
How did the client manage to change sex between paras 2 & 3?


The artist/client is male, and their web designer is a female.