I have a Mac and need to install binaries in the Linux server

Hi all

I was using a library that I had to build from source.
Now I want to transfer it to Dreamhost servers so I can use it with my applications.

The problem is that my local server is a Mac and Dreamhost’s servers are Linux, so the library will not work.

What do you think is the best solution for this situation?
Should I upload the source files and compile them inside Dreamhost? If so, I need to install the following required libraries first:

And probably need superuser privileges in order to complete the entire process.

Please advise.

Build from source in your home directory.

Ok. And how do I request a superuser access for I need to install libraries that are not present in the server yet?

Install them yourself into your own userspace. You don’t need root.

autoconf/automake/libtool should all already be installed. You’ll need to build boost and icu, though. Passing --prefix=$HOME to the configure script should make them install to your home directory, so that you don’t need superuser access. (Which we can’t give you on a shared server. Sorry.)

Out of curiosity, what’s the library you’re trying to build?

Will try to do that, Andrew F.

Just informing: automake and libtool are NOT present. Is there a way you could provide that?

The library I’m trying to build is Freeling.

They should be present. If you require updated versions, just install them first.

Well, I’m pretty sure they’re not, as I have double checked it.

Then install them first and continue.