I have a couple questions for you guys


Hey all, Im actually looking towards Dreamhsot to switch, but have a question.

Is there a limit on the SIZE of the Sql databases (not amount)

Do any of you use the forum of phpBB2 to tell me if this works on the server?

Had any downtime from time to time at odd hours?


For databases, usage is measured according to a different method, and I don’t think size is really an issue.

phpBB is one of DreamHost’s famous One-Click Installs.

There is downtime from time to time (like any other webhost would have), but it is rare. I’ve probably had a few hours of downtime over 2 whole years of being here.

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I use a uptime tracker from another server to check up on my DH page and email me when it goes down.

Since September '05, my site has been down for a total of 3 hours 30 minutes. It was most likely during scheduled maintainence that happen every now and then.

…not bad.


Your MySQL disk space usage is considered part of your overall space usage. Your databases can be as large as your hosting plans available disk space (min 20GB).

This package works well at Dreamhost. In fact, it is one of the packages available in the Dreamhost ‘one-click-installs’.

Yes some downtime, but not enough to worry too much about. Normally only a few minutes here and there as servers are rebooted etc.

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As for downtime, it’s usually for like 20 seconds. Like the other day, I had two 20 second outages, one after the other but it was nothing.

Uptime is fairly good :slight_smile: