I have 200GB and 2TB available! O_O

This doesn’t look like an intentional upgrade… Furthermore, my friend ALSO has this, in fact, he brought it to my attention. What should I do? Ignore it?

Just checked and got about the same:

198.1GB and 2144GB.

It’s real. Check out the new DH homepage (and let the “pop-up” show) :wink: I bet the September Newsletter will make all clear “pretty soon now”.

I hope they upgrade it again… I’m already burning up 0% of my bandwidth and disk space! :wink:

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haha i was shocked to find it was upgrade, but it was a happy shock. Will make it easier to run a multimedia website or a video display site.

haha and seiler i too am burning up under 1% of bandwidth and space

thanks dh

Look here http://wiki.dreamhost.com/index.php/V8.09_September_2006

I have same problem. Took Months to fill 4% of 20Gb, how the hell am I going to fill 4% of 197Gb???


Lord, I’m glad they upped it. I was using a massive 1% of diskspace and 0% of bandwidth.

I was afraid I was going to get charged for overage soon. Thanks Dreamhost!

is this for real?


Yes. I do believe it is for real. It is in this months newsletter and it is a bit early for april fools jokes. I currently have a massive 396GB of disk (increasing at 2GB/wk) and 4192GB of bandwidth (increasing at 32GB/wk) showing in my control panel. Dang. I have a site alloted to 650GB which is actually a mirror (one of many) for the cygwin project and they were using 50% of my bandwidth before. What the heck am I going to do now? At best I would be able to use 15% right now.

I just backed up the whole internet to my account with wget http://*… and I still only used 53% of my bandwidth & disk space. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Disk: 8% of 195.9 GB
(+1.0 GB / week)

Xfer: 5% of 2032 GB
(+16 GB / week)

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Total Provided: 4592 GB ($0.5/GB over)
Total Used So Far: 0.363 GB
Cycle Estimate: 0.454 GB
Estimated Charges: $0.00


Total Provided: 417760.000 MB ($0.10 / MB over)
3 Day Avg: 432.892 MB
Currently: 438.750 MB
Est. Average: 433.869 MB (what your average will be at the end of the billing period if your disk usage remains the same as it is now.)
Estimated Charges: $0.00

Total Provided: 417760.000 MB OMG!!

Nearly half a terrabyte of space to use…

Disk: 0% of 408.0 GB
(+2.0 GB / week)

Xfer: 0% of 4592 GB
(+32 GB / week)


Don’t say the name cygwin!

Oh my God, the pain, make it go away.

(Seriously, my problem was trying to install the KDE environment - Linux - on Win XP for web development and that puppy would just NOT install. Not in 3 days. Not with sleeping beside my computer. It was… an emotionally scarring experience.)

I got message Disc Quota exceded
I change the limit already…weird…


Both KDE and Gnome are both very difficult to install properly. You must follow their instructions very exactly for it to work right. Even then it might not work. That is why they are not part of the main distribution if those developers ever wanted it to be part of it. I do not mirror those packages at all yet. Also when you do get it to work it is very slow due to the intermediate layer. It might almost be easier and faster to use colinux if you need access to KDE in windows.