I Hate Outlook

Seriously, I can never get it to work right.

I sent myself a test e-mail to see if Outlook was setup properly. I heard the little sound, I see the little icon telling me I have new e-mail, but there’s nothing in my inbox. I’ve clicked Send and Receive several times, but nothing.

I tried to send an e-mail to another address I have. I clicked Send and it went into my Outbox. I clicked Send and Receive, it did it’s little thing, no error message, and it’s STILL in my Outbox. I never received it at the other e-mail address.

I just spent the last two hours trying to bury my cat. The damn thing kept jumping out of the hole.

Hating Outlook is step 1. Switching to something else would be step 2. :wink:

I like The Bat! – but it’s not free. If I were to switch, I’d probably go with Thunderbird. I used to use Eudora, but I’m not sure what the current version is like.

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Go for Thunderbid. It’s the only way. :slight_smile:

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Since we all seem to be pushed towards the ‘third way’ options these days I will offer up the latest Opera. I switched a few weeks ago and find I no longer have problems with IMAP as I did with Thunderbird. Once you get used to the way Opera Mail works. And, if it does bomb it will come back up to where you were!


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I’ve used Pegasus Mail for over 10 years.

– Dan