I hate outlook!

Ok so it works fine then for some reason today, the box pops up where it asks you for your server username and pw, well I kept typing and didnt realize that I had typed into the pw and changed it. Well I cant send emails or anything now because I tried the only 2 pw that I know and both dont work.
I assumed from the email I got from Dreamhost that
Mail User '’, password '() would be the correct one but it doesnt work. How the hell do I fix this? I emailed them but havent heard back yet.

You can check the password for an E-mail account through the panel > Mail > Manage area. But you’ll have to have a E-mail address to recieve the password at… So if that doesn’t work for you, I think you’ll have to wait for support.


Don’t panic. Just go to the Control Panel (which is rather slow at the moment) and reset your password.

Simon Jessey
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