I hate AjaXplorer

Loading the program is slow. Changing directories is slow. Opening files to edit is slow. The dropdown menus sometimes don’t work, or disappear while you’re mousing over. Copying and renaming files is slow. It auto-indents SOMETIMES (but sometimes it doesn’t feel like it), and sometimes it’s 2 spaces and sometimes it’s 4. If you try to backspace and prevent the indenting it assumes you’re making a mistake and SOMETIMES redoes the indent for you (but sometimes changes from 2 to 4)

The auto-logout feature doesn’t work right, so be sure to unplug your telephone and hang a DO NOT DISTURB sign on your front door. After 2 minutes of inactivity it locks the page and gives you a popup that says “CLICK HERE OR I WILL THROW AWAY EVERYTHING YOU ARE WORKING ON”. If you don’t click in time, it completely logs out without saving anything. If you DO click on time, the page is locked and you need to refresh the page without saving anyway.

This is not an acceptable alternative to webftp. If security issues with the old webftp are too great, then just don’t offer anything. I’d have been happier being told that an acceptable alternative doesn’t exist and using my own FTP program then handed something that doesn’t work well.

least you can get it to work at all… When I click WebFTP from the panel a new tab opens and displays a nice white background. period.

Good thing WebFTP wasn’t my preference to begin with.

Actually my preference was SSH and pico/nano but my local government decided it has a problem with encrypted information transmission and currently has https and SSH blocked at the service provider level. I can’t even look at my files without using FTP, and webftp was a great way to get into stuff at work where there’s no admin privileges for installing software.

Why not just use your own ftp program like Filezilla? If you don’t want to install a program (and use firefox) you can always get the FireFTP addon. I don’t know if chrome has something similar. There were a few results for FTP addons in the chrome store but all of them had bad reviews.

You might want to check out WinSCP for portable use. http://winscp.net/eng/docs/portable

Maybe not useful to you but I think I have a solution to your issue; I noticed when I halt scripts on the page it goes to whitescreen and no amount of refreshing will fix it. I don’t know specifically how ajax works but if stopping scripts replicates your problem, then my guess is that your browser is blocking active scripts. Either you need to update java or lower the security settings on your browser.[hr]

I’m at work 9 hours a day; I have internet explorer with flash and java enabled but am unable to install my own software. I have a thumbdrive with a portable opera installed, but my issue is that something that perfectly served my purposes and has been available for a long time was taken away without explanation and called an “upgrade”. I’m hoping this is just a rehashing of the “new coke” debacle and that the dreamhost overlords sincerely thought people would prefer this and if enough people express frustration they’ll bring back the old system in tandem with the new one.

Thanks… I don’t need it actually… I just went to check it out to understand the complaints in this forum.

Install a portable copy of WinSCP… you will never look back… http://winscp.net/eng/docs/portable

The old WebFTP interface isn’t coming back. The software we were using for that (net2ftp) had proven to contain significant security vulnerabilities, and is no longer maintained, so we didn’t feel comfortable continuing to use it.

AjaXplorer was the best alternative we were able to find. We’re actively in communication with the author to improve it. If there’s a better alternative out there that you’re aware of, though, please let us know and we’ll investigate it.

Just adding to the list: if you create a new file (which is unintuitive) it doesn’t refresh. If you want to duplicate a file you have to slowly navigate to your active folder (typing in the destination doesn’t work). My last attempt to use this, after editing code it said I didn’t have write permissions in my own folders, so I copied the code out and pasted it in through pico, and there were HUNDREDS of invisible line breaks that I had to hunt down and delete.

I do appreciate knowing WHY the old system is gone and I’m aware of the issues it had and appreciate the attempt to keep things secure. I know very little about net security, but I’m always resistant when something with a simple interface is replaced with a fully blown fully featured slow running piece of new-user friendly software. This has a lot of buttons and features, but if there’s anything simpler out there with fewer features that doesn’t rely on Java it would be nice to have available.

There’s a great bit of info!!! Thanks, I’m gonna try FireFTP…
[crossing fingers]