I got lost in all the stuff.help


hey,I’m new to being my own boss,when it comes to domains…I have some questions
I have added an sub-domain,and I kinda got lost in it all…
I would like to know how I change the hostname for the subdomain from go.dreamhost.com to fairysdream.com…is that makeable???cuz I don’t want my subdomain user to access my account…

I don’t know if I have everything right on my panel…cuz I’ve been told to do this and this…and now I have no clue if everything on my webpanel is neccesary…
can someone tell what I really need…like users and all that stuff
my site is www.fairysdream.comthank you very much


If you have a domain hosted here (e.g., fairysdream.com), you can create subdomains under it by typing their names when you’re setting up a domain, like sub1.fairysdream.com.

– Dan