I got hacked! Please help!

I really need help from someone at DreamHost. Please!

I got hacked yesterday. I deleted my four sites and reinstalled two. I let your hacking dept. know and they were both still hacked this morning. So, I deleted them again today.

I also spent time on chat with a DreamHost tech this morning. I wanted him to completely delete everything in my account (I want to start fresh). He asked me to go online and put in a trouble ticket to be able to fully delete everything in my account. I did, but the little ball was still spinning minutes later and I am not sure it ever went through.

Problem is, I now use the IP authorization (since yesterday) to log in and it is trying to send emails to an email account that no longer exists. So, I cannot log in to DreamHost anymore. Ahhhhh!

Hi there,

I apologize for any frustration, If you can supply a support ticket number or a domain name on the account, we can look into the status of that issue for you.

For help getting logged into your account please contact our verification team here:



Danny S

I logged in to support and provided an alternate email address to contact me. See: storestudios.us