I goofed - domain structure

When I first set up the domain for www.grumpcast.com at DH, I copied an old version of the site and then created a WordPress blog. The blog ended up at http://www.grumpcast.com/blog/. I want to move the blog so that it appears when www.grumpcast.com is entered. Is there anyway to do this short of starting over?


Did you install WordPress via One Click?

Judging from your site, there’s not much content yet, so starting over wouldn’t be such a bad idea. Just keep a backup of your site (especially the theme) and re-do the One Click install in the / directory. Then restore the old components from the backup.

By the way, that’s a neat MP3 player plugin. What is it?


You could try changing the folder the domain points to have /blog on the end. This will point the domain to the blog folder as the main site. You would just need to change the website address in wordpress as the site url is stored in the sql database. Think you would need to change this in wordpress before changing the domain info.

If you are using the newest version 2.2 I think you can now define the site url in wp-config rather than it being stored in the database as before.

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BTW, the reason sadyman asked about whether the OP used one-click install is that doing any manual changing as described will invalidate the one-click install and the OP would have to do WordPress updates manually.

Manual updates are easy, so this wouldn’t be a tragedy, but it all depends on what the OP wants.

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Thanks. That’s what I thought but figured it was worth it to try the “easy” route.


Remember that you can archive and restore content (and skins with a little work).

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A real easy way to do this is to either use META redirects or just put in an index.php in your web root with the following code:

<?PHP header("Location: http://www.grumpcast.com/blog/"); ?>

This is probably the easiest way to redirect from your web root.

Derik Wilson

Or you can put in the redirection in a .htaccess file; that’s less clunky than a meta redirect.

– Dan

Being the neat freak I am, I’d move it up into the root directory and try to clean things up. That’s just one of those things that would bug me to no end.


Which is exactly what I ended up doing. Thank you all.