I get page cannot be displayed


i got my hosting 2 days ago, i have my domain with another company i canged the name servers to :ds1.dreamhost.com ds2.dreamhost.com ds3.dreamhost.com. after about 10 minutes later when i typed in my url i got a message saying the site was not up and it is being worked on. well it was expected it has only been about 2 hours. the next day went to my url i got a empty folder; this is what i expected it was working. when i got home i went to the url and now i get page cannot be dispayed/ cannot find server, it has been this way for the last 6 hours. Is it problem with the domain or the host? i didn’t change anything.

what i dont understand it was working fine like it should then stoped.


If it wasn’t just a typo in your post, you need to change them to:


Note the “ns” instead of “ds.”


i have as ns1.dreamhost.com i just typed my message wrong.

thanks for the reply.

site still not working =(


Do a traceroute on your domain. The root servers might not have updated :slight_smile:


unable to resolve targeted system name.