I get Internal Errors :((


I started to get internal errors nowadays. Firstly I ignored thinking that it wouldn’t be any more. But I get this error over and over which made me sick.

Why is this, any ideas ?

when I open the site (based on wp) , no problem happens. But while opening board (based on smf) it gives that internal error.

Actually I don’t even have a simple idea about what an internal server is…

Waiting for your comments

And sorry for my ignorance…

Perfect support

Thanks !

This is a “customer to customer” forum and is not an “official” support tool. People answer posts here when they feel they have something helpful to say. You can always contact DreamHost support by using the Control Panel. By doing that you will be contacting people who have an obligation to respond to you, to try to answer your questions, and try help you with your problem (they are paid to do so). :wink:

I read your post, several times, but you didn’t provide enough clear information for me to have anything to offer you. That said, since you seem to be feeling neglected, I’ll make the following responses:

I’m sorry you are having trouble. In order to help you, I need to have some idea of what kind of error you are getting other than “internal errors”. Do you mean “Internal Server Error - 500”, and if so, what do your error logs say (you can view them from the shell at /home/yourusername/logs/yourdomainname or you can download them for inspection via ftp)?

Looking at your site (http://www.minare.net/), I have not been able to see any error, either in your WordPress served pages or in your SMF forums (http://minare.net/forum/).

The site works fine for me. You might note that I could only check this by viewing your profile to see your site’s address - if you are talking about a different site, I have no way to check it as you did not include your site’s url in your post. It is always helpful , if at all possible, to provide a link so others can try to see your problem.

Please try to provide more specific information about your error(s) (the exact wording of any error messages, at least) and the url that is generating the error.

Please look in your error logs, and let us know what is reported there when an error occurs. If you do these things, others may be able to help you, or they may not, but at least you will improve your chances of getting a response.

Additionally, sarcasm (“Perfect Support …Thanks!”) rarely is well received and is probably not a good idea in the future if you really want someone to help you. Everyone here is volunteering their time for free when they respond to you, and many are likely to just ignore you when/if they feel you might be unpleasant or if they have a hard time understanding your problem (myself included!) :wink:


What is this, up on crack answering posts night?

Now , I feel sorry for making u feel responsible to answer and would like to thank for your kind answer though you didn’t have to.

The website address u gave was true, and it is also true that it is working now.

The error I was talking about Internal server error 500 , I will write the exact message when it happens again.

And also, before moving to dreamhost, I had opened a toplist (my sickness) and I started to get many capacity error messages.

The message was sth like that :

The server capacity or downtime error.

After that I closed the toplist and moved my server to dreamhost. The problem lost as well. But I think there are still some websites which call button.php file from my server even though I had deleted it. This still effects my server’s capacity.

THank u for your answer again

There is no reason to feel bad at all. I’m happy to respond to you, though I really couldn’t help much. I just didn’t want you to think no one was willing to help.

I’m glad to hear that the problem has gone away, at least for now. :slight_smile:

If the error comes back, in addition to the error message and, if possible, the entry in your error log reflecting the error, if you also report the url where the error happened it will help determine what might be wrong.

“Topsites” programs are often a problem, and I think you will be much happier without it. :wink: .

Those few attempts to reach a missing button.php file should not present too much of a problem in the long run, so I wouldn’t worry about it too much.


What is it you really want to know there, “achtungfunf”? Did you actually have a question, or are you just breaking in a new troll-puppet slowly? :wink:


More of a statement posing as a question - your many preceding words contradicted this later short piece of advice, “-rlparker.” Also, in the above, the latter is true, but the former is not.

Right! I’m sure that makes sense to you, which would be a bit disconcerting if I cared at all. I know that “reading” is “hard” (just like the concept that some people might occasionally do “unlikely” things), so since you had/have no question, and have made, I suppose, some kind of point, we’ve nothing further to discuss.

You really should train your puppets a little better though; behaviors are often a lot better indicator of identity than “names”. A “new user” on an established forum whose second post is only to remark obliquely about a statement in a thread where he has no other input (and whose first post has been deleted) is “classic” trolling and, while trolls do show up here on occasion, they are pretty infrequent. :wink:

This pattern of posting, style of writing, and attempted re-directing of threads away from the OP’s issue to deteriorating discussions relating more to the thread’s participants than the subject of the thread, is not however “new” to any of us who have been here a while, and is pretty unique. Have fun, but I’m done with this thread. :wink:


If you don’t understand, why not just ask a question instead of going on and on?

What’s funny is that - discussing participants instead of statements - is what you do. The crack crack was a joke, but sure struck a nerve…

Many people don’t “just ignore you when/if they feel you might be unpleasant”, but they do ignore you “if they have a hard time understanding your problem”.

Why do you have such a problem with 50% disagreement and 50% agreement with such a simple statement? Wow.

It was my understanding of the situation that rlparker commented on the snide remark by the OP about “perfect support”. I suspect that he wouldn’t have made any comment about the style of the post otherwise, though it does bother me sometimes that people post here looking for free advice from their peers and expect us to be mind-readers. Though since this is what my wife expects, I suppose I should be flattered!

BTW, to the OP: Don’t feel bad, it’s a frustrating situation!

What’s funny is that so far your actual contribution to help others in this forum with their technical problems is absolutely zilch. rlparker puts massive amounts of time and effort into help people on this forum, including me. I’ve been friendly and civil and people have responded in kind and helped me out. So far you’ve:

  1. nitpicked
  2. nitpicked on the defense against nitpicking.
  3. I suspect you’re going to flame me next for objecting to your nitpicking.

Please try helping for a change. Please.

Two things:

  1. It’s really hard to help when you’re given incomplete information. Have you ever tried to help anyone? Have you?
  2. If you ignore someone who’s the one person who’s bothered to try to help you with your problem, you’re in a lot of trouble. In fact, in this case, I suspect that the lack of responses is due to the lack of sufficient information in the original post for anyone to provide any advice without someone taking one for the team and asking some questions to get enough information for us to start debugging.

OK, now you can call me dense for not understanding what you’re asking here. Though I suppose I might also qualify for being ignored since I “have a hard time understanding your problem”.

I would like to apologize to Minaret for further digressing this discussion. I am happy that your problem has gone away and do encourage you to return with questions if you have them in the future! Welcome to DreamHost!

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Hello good sirs

I am sorry if I have caused a debate. I just don’t want anyone to discuss because of simple things, do not break each other’s heart for simple reasons.

The error I got happened again, but it lasted only one minute. Is this normal ?

This is what it says :

Service Temporarily Unavailable
The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to maintenance downtime or capacity problems. Please try again later.

I just want to know if this happens only for a minute, is it normal ?

Thanks in advance

Is this a 500 error again?

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It is not “normal” but it happens now and then. You should contact support.

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