I get error "Failed to connect to server ..."


Not sure if this is DH or Mozilla Thunderbird related. ?!?!

Thunderbird (TB) 52.7.0 (32-bit)

I get error “Failed to connect to server …” after having successfully downloaded my emails from the Dreamhost (provider) POP3 account.

The fact that I could download the emails shows that the settings are correct.
I have 2 POP accounts at Dreamhost. Both react like that.
I didn’t change anything in the TB settings.
Nor did I on the server side.
The TB message started showing up some 6 months ago (after a TB upgrade?).

Any ideas?


----- edit 20.07.2018 -----

I created 2 more POP accounts with a local ISP and Gmail. Both worked fine without subject Thunderbird error message. Hence, only DH accounts seem to produce this error message.

If you are still running into issues we have a setting up email client guide here https://help.dreamhost.com/hc/en-us/articles/214918038-Email-client-configuration-overview

and if you need any help you can reach our support team here https://panel.dreamhost.com/index.cgi?tree=support.msg&

Matt C


I followed …

… and relevant sub-links.

Yes, I still get the message. See attached screenshot.

As I said … POP3 mail download works!
I get the error message only sometimes (approx. once out of 3 times) only.
It is not relevant whether new mail is downloaded or not.
Other email POP3 providers (Gmail, local provider) don’t show this message upon “Get Messages”.

I updated to TB 52.9.1 (32-bit, Windows 7) … problem persists.


Does anybody use the same TB version?
Anybody else having this error message with TB?

Hi geohei,

If you are still running into issues with Thunderbird errors you can reach our support team here for some assistance https://panel.dreamhost.com/index.cgi?tree=support.msg&

Matt C

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