I fully hosted and installed wordpress into my site but wp-admin won't open

Hello, I fully hosted my site bonzaitrees.rocks and also installed wordpress into it using the one click installs however when I try to open it using bonzaitrees.rocks/wp-admin it won’t open. It worked in my previous website highproteinrecipes.net but it won’t work on the bonzaitrees.rocks website.

Did I miss something?

Your domain bonzaitrees.rocks isn’t currently pointed to DreamHost’s nameservers. It looks as though it’s currently set up as a parking page with your registrar.

how can I point it to dreamhost?

Please don’t make multiple posts for the same question.

Your registrar, Namecheap, has instructions on how to change the nameservers for your domain at:


The correct nameservers to use for your domain are: