I don't want my site to be seen online


Can I continue to keep DH hosting with my site but keep it from being seen in search engine? If I cancel hosting how do I get the website back later?


If you have content on your website and want to keep your hosting active, you may want to consider password protecting your website instead:

You can also make a complete backup of your website in the panel and download it to your personal computer:

You would then be able to end your hosting plan if you choose. You can re-upload your website from the backup once you are ready to re-instate your hosting.


You can also use a robots.txt file, which the more popular search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing) will honor. Not all search engines will honor that file, though.

If you want a “members only” type of site, you may want to use a CMS that requires a login to view content.

Keep backups of the site files on your local machine. If you use a CMS, be sure to back up the database, as well.


Hi. You should use noindex tag in robots.txt file. Copy and paste it . Then upload robots.txt to your hosting. Greetings :slight_smile:


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