I don't understand crontab


I’m trying to do the Automatic Backup as written in the Dreamhost Wiki, but when it comes to the “Editing the crontab” step, I don’t know what to do.

It says “To edit your Crontab, type the following:”

But where do I type this? and then it says:

“Press Ctrl O to save the file, and then Ctrl X to exit the editor.”

Which editor is it talking about?

I’ve tried to look for an answer, but I can’t find a clear one.


You’ll need to do this as a shell user using a terminal client like telnet or PuTTY.

After logging in, you can use a shell like bash to execute commands and programs on the DreamHost machine.

Crontab is a program, and when executing it with the -e switch, it will invoke a text file editor.

See more about Crontab here.

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What do I use as a host name?


you domain name will work as the host name.

So just type in example.com



Thank you.