I dont get this uploading thing!

i got the emails from dreamhost… one says the host should be guile.dreamhost.com and my user name should be robin123 and they gave me a password and i guess said to put guile.dreamhost.com as the directory (using fetch)
then they sent me a second email saying that my domain name (robinreece.com) can now be used as the host instead of the guile thingy…so i put this:
robinreece.com (host)
robin123 (user ID)
(then the password they gave me in the email)
robinreece.com (directory)

and it says that there is no host by that name
so then i did this:


and it connects but i dont know what it connects to…
i want to be able to type in www.robinreece.com and have my index page pop up but nothing happens…

am i just retarded or what?!
can someone please help?

sounds like you need to wait for the DNS to propi(a?)gate. may take a few days from the time you told your registrar to point DNS to Dreamhost’s name servers.


thanks jason… i hope youre right… but i got my domain name through dream host and they told me this (and i quote) "the purpose of this meail is to let you konw that your domain robinreece.com (as well as www.robinreece.com of course) has just been activated on our apache web server software. as long as your domain’s whois information is correct and is configured on our dns servers (you should receive another email about this) your site should be available on the web now!"
so yeah… its all greek to me… so im hoping that that means what you said :slight_smile:

I check the WHOIS database http://www-whois.internic.net/cgi/whois and it’s showing “available for registration”. That and the date on your post would indicate that you’ve just been going at this today? If that’s the case, definitely give it a few days and it will all come together.

The mail from Dreamhost indicated that they’ve done their end that needs to be handled and now it’s up to the internet to catch up.


It was just registered today - give it a day or two. :>

Registrar of Record: TUCOWS, INC.
Record last updated on 11-Jan-2003.
Record expires on 11-Jan-2004.
Record Created on 11-Jan-2003.

Domain servers in listed order:

I’m having the same problems. Does this mean that I shouldn’t even bother to create an index.html for a couple days?

If so, how will I know that it is ready for me to start making the website?