I don't get these prices


Okay look…On the site, it says that I will be able to host my own website with unlimited blabla for 8.95$ / month…
Thats all good. Then I end up paying 11.95$ for the domain registration, and then find out I cant put up my own website unless I buy some Happy Billing Plan for alot of ekstra $…
So I guess my question is…
What do I do to be able to have my own website? I mean, I wanted to use wordpress.org to create my website from scratch, but this billing plan is gonna make me broke! I thought I only had to pay 8.95 $ /month…


Domain registrations are 11.95 per year. You can use that registration with dreamhost hosting or you can point to domain to any other host as well.

“happy hosting” is 9.95/month if you pay yearly, it becomes $8.95 per month when paid 2 years in advance.

Basically, there are 2 components (registration) which is 11.95/year for the popular TLD’s (.com, .net, etc), and then hosting which is either 9.95 if paid one year in advance or 8.95 if paying 2 years in advance.

You might check http://dreamhost.com/promo/sizzling395/ because that will get you hosting currently for 3.95 / month for the first 1 or 2 years.


ALSO… if you are on a free trial now, it’s true that you have to pay upfront for a domain name if you want to register one (you don’t have to register one for the free trial, you can use either a free dreamhosters.com subdomain or a domain you already own)

If you do register one and pay for it during the trial, you can later (when you convert from free trial to paid account) turn that domain that you previously paid for into the one that is included free in your plan, in which case since you already paid for the domain, that will be taken off your new total.

It does get a bit confusing, but in the end you really can get hosting for 8.95/9.95 per month with a free domain registration included. and if you pick up one of the promo’s you can make your first term (1 or 2 years) alot cheaper ($3.95/month right now),


Thank you for clearing things up! But paying for a year in advance is pretty much, so I do hope its possible to pay every month instead of yearly