I created new FTP account, but cant acces from web

I created new FTP account, but cant acces from web…

Like i created a folder in my new account “Test”

Then when i go www.site.com/Test it doesnt work…

It does work for the Previous account i have…

How to make both work?

First make sure the user has FTP access. Check DH panel --> Users --> Manage Users If the user does not have FTP access, modify it.

If the user has FTP access, it is probably because you just created the user. You need to give the server some time to update the change.

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Does your new user have a domain or sub-domain under their control?

A users home directory is not publicly accessible via HTTP.

However, if you add a domain or sub-domain to the hosting system, and specify your new user as the ‘FTP user / CGI-runs-as user:’, a new web-directory for that domain will be created in that users home-directory, this web-directory will be publicly accessible via HTTP.


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I have one user already with all the FTP files (Main account) Say, there in the MAIN ACCOUNT is a folder called “TEST” I just want to create a new user and give him access to TEST only Insside the main account.

Is this possible?

Do you mean that you already have a FTP user which controls folder “test” and you want to create a new user to control a folder inside “test”?

I can’t really remember but it seems somebody mentioned it before. You can create a subdomain and map it to a sub-folder inside “test” folder. Now the new user controls the subdomain and the sub-folder inside “test” folder.

You may want to give it a try. Make sure that the new user can’t access other folders.

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No i mean i have a 1 MAIN USER of the FTP. And inside that ftp there are alot of different FOLDERS/FILES. Say theres also a folder called “test” in the main account. I want to create a new user so when he logs in, he can only get access to “test” folder and thats it.

I dont want to create a NEW FTP USER because it creates a NEW FTP, like /home/NEWUSER/ I DONT WANT THAT

I want to create a NEW USERNAME to access the SAME FTP as the MAIN USER, but has access to only one folder.

I guess thats the best i can explain…

Thanks please help!

Forget it - it can’t be done. FTP on DreamHost doesn’t allow for that, and this is not something that you can change. Feel free to install a CGI script if web access will work for you.

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as astroop mentioned, it is not possible in DH.

If you want to protect your folder, you may want to try .htaccess file. I can’t think of anything other than that :frowning:

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Ok, how can i set my main account to have access to only 1 folder where he can upload stuff and thats it and CANNOT delete aswell?

If i set my main account to be only access 1 folder, i should somehow be able to reset it to acess the WHOLE ftp later on aswell.

How can i do that?