I created a new promocode and i don't see it

i have 4 promocodes 2 of them inactive and 2 active. today i tried to create 2 more promocode and after creating i couldn’t see it in the promocodes list. what is happening. am i no longer allowed to create promocodes? or will it show up after 24 hours or so ?

Is the page saying they were created, or are you getting errors? If you use a name that’s taken, or your math is off, the next page will tell you.

They’re instant, so you’ll see them right away if it works.

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now they have added some more like bandwidth disk space etc that has to be specified in the promocode. i don’t understand how much to give and how much i will get as earning.

i tried creating a promocode with $50 off and not specifying the disc space, bandwith etc and it is showing error.

can anybody explain how to create promocode with the new things.

you start off with $97 to play with, for every feature you add remove the cost of this from the $97 eg free domain -$15 etc. Whatever is left of the $97 is what you would get.

Remember to give the code a name with no spaces

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