I cant take SQL BACKUP?


Hey when i try to take mysql backup of my database through PHPMYADMIN i get a small rar file 100kb which is currupted???

How else can i take my backup ? Please tell me its important!


I don’t even see rar as an option. Options are none, zipped or gzipped.



well gzip open in Winrar so i just called it rar…

Neither of the options are working right…
Help please.


OK, I can see that you might say that.

I don’t have winrar installed here, but I had no problems pulling a generic zip and reading that. I used the standard options. Are you trying anything special? (Beyond maybe selecting gzip?



No, nothing special… I am notsure whats wrong as i need this DB very important…

Help me out please


For grins, try pulling it as a zip instead of gzip and see if that works any better for you. I didn’t see any options that look like they should be scary to choose.

I’d never used the option before so I assume that the defaults must be pretty reasonable.



You may want to submit a support request and see if they know any issues. My db server may not be exactly the same as your DB server.