I cant seem to get any response from the Tech Team


I emailed the tech Team over a week ago. my website has been down for 2 weeks now and it is seriously affecting my business.

Annoyingly I forgot my password and the email i registered on the account is now no longer accessible so I cant get a password reminder.

I am completely stuffed and unable to get hold of anyone.

Can anyone help! This situation is seriously affecting my business.


There’s not enough info in your post to help you much. We are, for the most part, just other users here.

The password you have forgotten, is that for your Dreamhost panel account? If so, try contacting them, again using this form:

Have your correct billing info at hand to prove who you are and that this is your account.

If the passwords you have forgotten are internal CMS passwords (to a WordPress dashboard, for example) then use your Dreamhost panel access for access to your databases to reset the password or email to one that you can use.