I can't see PHP error log in /logs/mysite.com?

I’ve just checked log files on my account via FTP in /logs/mysite.com/ and there’s nothing in there. I’ve checked older site of mine /logs/mysite2.com/ and there’s http.17014561.bak in there and that’s about it. All log files are about August 2011, no new log created since. Please advice. Thanks!

contact support. there was a log security vulnerability discovered last year and things got changed around. sounds like maybe yours was missed.

I see :confused:
Thanks bobocat. Will do that.

Also I don’t believe that you can access those logs via FTP… you must use SFTP, SSH etc…

To enable php error logging just change your php.ini directives.

For example, if you are using PHP 5.3 simply create this file:


with the contents of phprc:

log_errors = 1
error_log = /home/

The path can be anywhere in your userspace and the error log file can be named whatever you like :wink: