I cant see my files when i login to FTP

I cant see my files when i login to FTP.
I login with no problem, but all I see is 2 folders :

I dont see my images folder, or my index.html.
Why is this? My domain is theredcam.com
and I have 2 ftp users set up. I get the same result
when I log in as either ftp user.

You should see a /theredcam.com folder as well in of the user home directories.

Login to your Web Admin Panel, and go to Domains -> Web and select Edit for theredcam.com

Here, you need to make sure

  1. That “A Fully Hosted Domain” is selected
  2. The “Web Directory” specifices the FTP user and path which will have access to the files

Write down the “Web Directory” path as it appears in that form, for example /home/username/theredcam.com

The first part of this path is are the home directory, ie /home/username
The second part is the directories you should see when logged in to FTP: /theredcam.com

Only login to FTP as the username specified in the Web Directory path to manage the files.

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[quote]The only thing I can think of is, correct me if I am wrong, but I am editing an existing web page for a small business. The web page was created about a year ago.
Do I need the password for the user that created the web page in the first place?
Could the index.html file that I cannot see be stored in the original creator’s user folder?[/quote]
So the web site has been working for a year and was setup by a different user. Yes, you’ll have to login as that user.

You haven’t provided enough information here to be of any further help.

As I said before, you need to access the web panel and under Domains -> Web write down the username and the directory the files are located in, and you must login to FTP as that user and put the files in that directory.

Did you just transfer the domain to DreamHost, or from another DreamHost account? You might also want to check to make sure the DNS is resolving to the right machine, etc.

If you need furhter assistance, contact Support or provide more details. If you are not ocmfortable posting details, Send a Private message instead (‘Send Private’ on forum menu.)

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