I can't see files in FTP..ownership problem?


I was hired to update and make some changes to a site hosted at Dreamhost. My client created a FTP user name for me, but when I log in I cannot see any directory for her site. I need to be able to download the old pages…make changes and re-upload.

When I log into FTP using my client’s user name, I see the directory for her site, but it only contains a few items…like her favicon and robots.txt. There are no html files, images, etc…

I am assuming that it is a problem involving file ownership, but if her FTP user account doesn’t show ownership, whose does?..there are no other user names on the account.


ask your client to go to manage domains and make sure the domain you are working on is actually running under your user


Once you log in, click on the 2 dots ‘…’ this should bring you up one directory. Your clients files may be in another folder. You may also want to try a different FTP client: http://www.deskshare.com/ftp-client.aspx