I can't login2 my mail account

I can’t login to my email accounnt.
I checked how the adresses are set up…and I have entered every thing right…but it says invalid username or password…

Are you trying to log into webmail, pop3 or imap?

Webmail you use your actual email name.

pop3/imap use the mailbox name (possibly a m999999999 style name)


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[quote]Webmail you use your actual email name.


Provided it is DHs webmail. Other webmail is as for POP3/IMAP.

yeah,I take the user name and the password i also use for ftp…it is the same as my email adresse…but it says invalid us or pw

A common cause of failure is the mailbox login name being different from the FTP username & email address username. See Mail > Addresses “Login” to find the mailbox login name. (There are various shortcomings of the DH m######-style mailboxes - you’d be better off using a so-called user mailbox instead. Create it under Users).

Another is failure of the mail system to have setup the mailbox, despite having sent a “your mail account has just been activated” notice. One just has to wait a while and try again.