I cant login to my mail accounts on outlook


I can’t login to my mail accounts from outlook or other softwares…

i am using mail.mactahmin.org for incoming and outgoing severs, i type my usernames and passwords but it asking my password again…

i checked my mail status from support panel 1 hours ago,
it showed my accounts UNVERIFIED, and than i checked 10 minutes before… now it showing RESOLVED … i dont understand this troubles… sorry for my english…
Im waiting support … Thanks…


It may just be a case of waiting if you set the mail account up recently. Sometimes several hours or sometimes minutes. :wink:

The support check you did would have shown resolved because it is testing the server is up locally.

Your mail addresses IP numbers appear okay from the UK have you checked locally from your own machine?

Double check you have the correct username or mxxxxxxx entry together with your password which of course is case sensitive. That is that if it is xFxB then you enter xFxB not xfxb etcetera.



I am using Outlook 2003 here to access my DreamHost mail accounts and it works fine, so there is no inherent issue with using Outlook with DreamHost.

As Norm says, mail accounts do take a little while to propagate through the system. When I first configured my mail accounts, I noticed that they were accessable via the webmail interface a fair while before they were accessable through Outlook.


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