I Can't Login into My Wordpress site! Please help!

Hi around 3 months ago I had paid someone to install wordpress for me and she claims she had forgotten the username and password and now I can’t login into my Wordpress site to build a website or create a blog using my domain name. So, I had tried using Hostgator and the same thing occured I can’t login into the account either and it is new with the same domain name used. Please help me with simple ways I can fix this problem. Should I delete the name with the hosts or edit them and reinstall the WordPress sites? Thanks

Read http://codex.wordpress.org/Resetting_Your_Password - You have to do this in your database. It’s not super simple :confused:

Thank you
Thank you so much.

Yo have to check your config.php file , and uptade all informations accroding to your database (user, database name…) It’s a frequently ask question.

Thanks guys! One of the techs was patient with me and walked me through the whole thing!