I can't log into my account. how do i contact you?

I cannot log into my account. Is there someone to call?

We are sorry to hear that!

You can try resetting your account password here:

If that doesn’t work you can email us directly by filling out this form here:

Please be sure to choose the option for “I can’t log into my DreamHost account”

If you run into any issues let us know.

Thank you for speaking to me.

I have done this a dozen times. I have re-installed by 2-factor at least a half dozen times.

I do not whine but this is unacceptable. What are my next steps?


Yes I need further assistance to resolve this issue. May I speak to someone, or at least have contact to that person?

Clem 9177507855

Just let you know:

No this did not help me. What are my next steps?

If your MFA is preventing you from logging in the next step would be to contact us here:

Have you already tried us there? If so when was the last time you submitted this form?

Alternatively, you can also email us at sales@dreamhost.com and we can escalate the ticket for you.

Please include the following information:

First and last 4 of your card or PayPal email you used last to make a payment.
Your domain name
And a brief message saying you are locked out due to the 2-factor authenticator.

Once you have done so let us know and we weould be happy to get this escalated for you.

Yes I have done this. Thank you at least for someone to email.

This is a start.

I need access to my work, and to pay my bills by promoting said work to my account.

I emailed the address with the information you requested.

I require access to my site. I am easy. I con’t complain.

How can I sound more pathetic? Please let me have access to my account. Please?

I can send you a scan of my driver’s license. Do you have an office in New York?

What other options are open to me?

How long should I wait? Just as a general estimate.

I have no recourse. You possess materials to which I have no access - I’m sure with regard to EULA you are being entirely consistent. There must be a way forward and I request some means off communication according to my rights within this agreement as well.

Thank you for providing us with the information. I was able to locate your ticket. I do also see that our account verification team sent you a message asking for some specific information, Did you get our email sent about 25 minutes ago?

For security reasons I deleted your last post.

I also see that you sent us a reply please bear with us while we get this escalated we will update you via email as soon as possible.

We are escalating this now we don’t have an ETA but will try to get this handled as soon as possible. Please bear with us for a few minutes.

Our team just sent you an update. Can you please check your email and try to log in again?