I can't log in in my page due to a theme update :__(


I’m sorry if it’s a stupid question but I’m not familiar with all this yet. I did an update of the wp theme in the site and it automatically disappeared and now I can’t log in and I don’t know how to solve it.

Here is the message that appears:

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare obox_comment() (previously declared in /home/marman77/moneypennysbeautifulaccessories.com/wp-content/themes/handmade-two/functions.php:188) in /home/marman77/moneypennysbeautifulaccessories.com/wp-content/themes/handmade-two/ocmx/front-end/comments.php on line 33

Anyone can help me with that?

Thank you in advance!


Looks like you switched themes already.

Generally the way to fix this would be to change the theme via the database, which is not without some fear.

In the wp_options table, you edit template and stylesheet to both be twenty twelve

That will get you back in. (NB: wp_options may be wp_sdkjfasdf_options or such on your install, do not panic, that’s normal)

Hello! Thanks for your reply!

Yes, I changed the theme, I had to delete the wordpress from server and install it again. I’ve lost everything I did in the last months…

I didn’t know what happened, I couldn’t go into wordpress to change anything, the whole site was blocked.

I bought another theme that supported Woocommerce and now I have to build all the shop again. My mistake was that I didn’t know I had to do the back ups manually. I’m still learning all this.


Next time, you’ll want to do this via the database. You should not have had to wipe your site :frowning: I’m sorry that happened.

We have some directions here: http://wiki.dreamhost.com/WordPress_Troubleshooting#Theme

I’ll make those a little more robust for the next guy, though!