I can't get the website to load when I don't include www. at the beginning

So I went into the DNS settings and added *.(website name).com as one of the DNS records. I also have one with www. at the beginning. The one with www. works fine. The one with the * doesn’t work. It just loads the “Page doesn’t exist” screen. It’s been weeks since I put those two records there.

I run the website through MobileMe (since I do all my editing on a Mac. It makes everything a lot easier). But I host the site through Dreamhost.

The nameservers are set as


Should those be changed to something else? Or do they stay the same?

I’m brand new to this stuff, so bear with me. Thanks for any help.

Go to the Panel for Manage Domains. Click Edit in the Web Hosting column to bring up your configuration.
The top section is Fully Hosted, which should have the green arrow indicating Active. Make sure you’re telling to Add “WWW” to make this work. Personally, I have it set to Remove WWW since it’s somewhat redundant when you’re already on the World Wide Web. Either way, it’ll make your site no matter which you type in.

And see about removing the asterisk entry you added for DNS. The above instructions are the proper way to get it to work.