I can't find my wordpress folders on FTP

I used the one click install option log in to FTP and I see no wp-content etc i want to change the themes install plug etc but i cant find the folders via FTP on the server. Am I doing something wrong ?

first step… visit manage domains in the panel and make sure you are using the correct ftp user. Look at the line for the domain and scan over to the web hosting column, there should be a “user” there, you MUST log in with that user.

Once there you should see a directory named YOURDOMAINNAME.COM switch into that directory.

Now if you put a folder name after the / when you filed in the form for the one click, you should see that folder name here. Click into it and you are there. If you left that spot blank on the one-click, then you should already be to your wordpress files and directories.

Thanks I was logging in under the wrong user thanks

argh! same trouble here.

i am logging in with the correct user (stephcap), clicking on the domain name (ketubah.com). all the other files are there, but the (2013) file my wp install is in is nowhere to be found.

help, please.


and thanks!

Oh man, I have a feeling my better half is going to be drooling over your site.

I see the 2013 … Are you logging into theketubah.com? You used both URLs in your post.

i am.

the top of my fetch window reads ftp.theketubah.com-theketubah.com

all other site content is there, but the folder 2013 is nowhere to be seen and there is no evidence that anything was modified today.

ps. its not my work, i’m freshening her site, but it sure is beautiful, isn’t it?

Why isn’t it just ftp.theketubah.com?

because she has two sites, each in their own folders inside of ftp.theketubah.com

What FTP app is this? Actual Fetch or …?

come on, seriously? yes. its fetch.
if you can’t help me, please stop patronizing me.

Oh! Please don’t think that! I’m sorry, I’m not. I’m trying to reverse engineer what you’re using and see if I can recreate the situation. I used SSH to get into the server, and when I do, I see the files just fine. Not having your passwords means I can’t go in and just 100% do what you do, so it takes me a little longer. I asked ‘actual Fetch’ because Fetch is a pretty old product that went a few years without updates, so many people dumped it for things like CyberDuck (free) and Transmit (not free). I don’t use it anymore, so I had to get it so I could see what you’re seeing. Like I didn’t know Fetch changed their title bar to be DOMAIN - PATH!

Now the files are there. I can see them on SSH and SFTP (/home/stephcap/theketubah.com/2013/) and I’m able to add a file (http://theketubah.com/2013/dreamhost.txt) so what I can’t figure out is how you’re connecting that it’s not showing those :frowning:

Settle, petal. Do you have Panel access?