I can't execute queries through phpMyAdmin



I’ve just switched to DreamHost from Mediatemple and am sofar very satisfied. My only problem is that for some reason, I don’t seem to have permission to execute any sort of UPDATE or INSERT queries through phpMyAdmin. phpMyAdmin doesn’t return any errors, it just tells me that 0 rows have been updated. The odd thing about this is that through PHP I have permission to do these types of queries and have been reduced to having to do them through a custom PHP script (very annoying).

As a new customer (yesterday) do I start off with revoked permissions?? Could this problem please be fixed?


No, you don’t start out with limited permissions. If you can access phpmyadmin at all, things should be working all the way.

You seen to know what you’re doing, so I’d assume you’re pretty darn sure what your telling phpmyadmin to do should work. If you’re not sure, post one of your statements here and I’m sure someone will be able to help out.

I’d reccomend contacting support (this is just a customer to customer forum) and have them look into the issue.

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