I can't configure django on my site

I followed DH wiki to install django on my site.
And at last. I can’t view “django.fcgi” or “hello.fcgi” on my browser.
when I type: http://mydomain.com/hello.fcgi in opear or firefox.
Always, it takes lots of time, and at last the browser returns 500 internal error.
I haven’t try this on IE because I use Ubuntu.
Is here anyone can help me figure out what’s wrong with this issue.
Thank you very much.

Sorry I just noticed this post. I haven’t tried the instructions on the DH Wiki, but the ones on Jeff Croft’s site worked very well for me:


Supposedly they’re based on the wiki instructions, but somewhat improved. Give those a try and if they don’t work, post a response here and I’ll see if I can help.