I can't add my domain

i have add my domain first is success
some days later,i delete it from dreamhost panel
now,i want to add the domain

but the system waining:
Can’t add domain: already in our DNS system.

my domain is:


Were all of your “daquanbt” domains deleted? They shouldn’t even show up in Manage Domains.

If they’re not showing up in Manage Domains and it still won’t let you Add New Domain, contact support.


yes,i deleted all domain about daquanbt.com and no domains about daquanbt.com show in panel
but i cant add yet

Contact Support via the Control Panel. It sounds like your last delete isn’t completely cleared out. They should be able to push it along.


i’m from china and my english is bad
i can’t know hot to do in the panel

i can add my domain now :slight_smile: